Affiliate program

Recommend Infinex to your friends or share a reflink on your website or social media and earn 20% lifetime commissions on every trade. Users who sign up for a Infinex account using your unique referral link will be attributed as a successful referral. You'll receive commissions on every trade made by your referrals and referrals of your referrals, up to the 4th level.

Level Description Earn rate
Lvl 1 Referred directly by you 20%
Lvl 2 Referred by your level 1 referrals 10%
Lvl 3 Referred by your level 2 referrals 5%
Lvl 4 Referred by your level 3 referrals 2.5%

You can track the performance of each referral links in the "Your campaigns" table. Affiliate rewards are calculated on the 1st day of each month and distributed as internal deposit from the user:

Your campaigns

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